Let’s explore our European Cultural Heritage with our brand-new project!

By Venia Soumpenioti, Eurospeak UK 

According to Delgado, Emilio José, and José Ma Cuenca, Cultural Heritage education is a pedagogical process in which students are able to learn about heritage resources, and it will be a significant part of the citizenship curriculum, bringing students to understand their own cultures from the past, and how the past heritage has developed and transformed alongside history, bringing the past to the present.”

Moreover, the CoE Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society” underlines that awareness of cultural heritage is part of the “right” of European citizens to engage actively in social and cultural life, a resource capable of contributing effectively to the growth of individuals and of promoting them.” Thus, cultural heritage education projects aim at achieving a variety of educational and teaching objectives that can contribute to the holistic and multidimensional shaping of individuals/citizens, even in adult and continuous education. 


Minding the above, our Polish partner EDUSYSTEM along with the collaboration of Eurospeak UK, ESID Liceo La Paz and JUMP – Gioventù in riSalto designed an amazing project with the name Let’s Teach Europe! European Heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool in adult education, which was approved from the Polish N.A. 

Our amazing project’s activities will create new educational opportunities for adult learners, especially seniors. Our deliverables will increase the social activation, develop knowledge of European heritage and increase the sense of responsibility for shared cultural European values. European heritage will be perceived as a carrier of important knowledge and common values. This will contribute to European integration as a social value will affect the cultural sensitivity of the European community as well as to promoting Erasmus+ activities among generations.


For Eurospeak, located in Southampton, the preservation of Southampton Cultural Heritage is of  a crucial importance and the best way to achieve it will be through a continuous cultural heritage education. In the same time, within the project UK, as partner, is keen to present the history of UK local music as a tool to explore cultural heritage and the multiculturalism of which break down stereotypes and share the European Cultural Values.  

We are excited as a team to explore the field of the European Cultural heritage within this project and share the results with you. 

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