Poznań – the cradle of Polish history

By Aleksandra Majchrowska, KONTAKT, Poland

The Greater Poland voivodship can take pride in the long history and tradition. It is the place of origin of Poland and the coronation of the first kings. It is here where the earliest bishoprics were established, and the decisions of the country’s fate were taken. In Greater Poland, the civilization was being born. Together with Gniezno, Poznań was the first capital of Poland and is called the cradle of the Polish history. Nowadays, Poznań is the most important city of the region called Greater Poland, which even 1000 years ago was a part of the most resilient cities in east-central Europe. 

The Poznań’s landscape for tourists is primarily the view stretching from one of the largest Polish rivers, Warta, which flows through the city. Equally interesting, there is the Old town along with a beautiful market square and traditional goats that chime midday with their horns. Poznań offers time traveling from the modern museums to Ostrów Tumski, which is a perfectly preserved, medieval castle-town, surrounded by rivers from both sides. 

The city also preserved its unique traditions. It has a nationally distinct vernacular, local dishes, regional holidays, smaller or bigger legends, and culture that includes folk costumes and music. Poznań is one of the most beautiful Polish cities, and thanks to its incredible history, it is also one of the most interesting ones.

This article was translated from Polish by Karolina Wójcik, KONTAKT, Poland